Site Management Organization

SciMedBE was founded to answer the needs of the pharma and medical devices industry, looking for a flexible Site Management Organization (SMO) with therapeutic excellence in Anesthesiology, Critical Care, Pain and Perioperative Medicine. Headquarted in Belgium, the heart of Europe, SciMedBE capitalizes on Belgium’s streamlined regulatory environment, trained professionals, compliant patients and motivated clinical sites. As a Site Management Organization we assure the fastest possible start-up of our research sites within our network. In 2017, SciMedBE was the top enrolling network out of 20 sites in FDA related trials.

Advantages Of A
Dedicated SMO

Reduction of time &
costs of drug development by:
  • Clinical Research Network in Belgium and Europe (Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia)
  • Standardized Service Agreements for each customer
  • Improved communication between multiple investigational sites and the client
  • Reduction in administrative issues
  • Faster study start-up
  • Providing on-site support
  • Enhancing patient enrollment: rapid recruitment of qualified subjects
  • Direct contact with decision makers and management

Strategic Goals

  • Expand our existing research network into a robust research network throughout Belgium and Europe
  • Shorten drug development time through a network of research sites and investigators
  • Facilitate patient recruitment
  • Identify and support additional external sites in starting, managing and executing clinical trials
  • Provide a multidisciplinary team for on-site support for potential investigational sites that have the necessary patient pool, but lack the required staff, research experience, or time
  • Provide robust regulatory, monitoring, accounting and contracting support to participating research sites

Training and Guidance in Practice

  • Site training in ICH-GCP in hospital daily practice
  • Leading site preparation prior to SIV:
    • Collection essential documents
    • Budget and contract negotiations and finalization
    • Site logistics
    • Trial customized worksheets
  • Perform first patient visits in presence of local site staff (on-site support)
  • Assist in eCRF completion/query resolution for first patients
  • Follow-up on recruitment
  • Creation of newsletters for distribution to the sites and client
Site Support and Guidance